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Brief History of the company:

Mr Jayant Mehta   Director

Mehta & Associates Fire protection Systems Pvt. Ltd has more than 30 years of experience to protect people and Properties from fire. It was established in 1979 by Mr.J. N. Mehta MS (Mech. Engg.) & MBA (USA). He worked with Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Co lnc, Dallas, Texas (TYCO GROUP), USA for 7 Years in different capacities from Design Engineer to Manager (Engg) of Special Hazards department. Under his leadership, systems such as Deluge, Foam, Fire Alarm & CO2 were designed for various industrial installations in USA.

We are pleased to inform that, Management is

Mr. Kunal Mehta – Executive Director

( B.E. EC, M.S. Electrical – U.S.A. ) have good business contacts in different countries through which organization will get the benefit of expanding business over sea's especially in consultancy for providing Design and Engineering solutions.

Mr. Kaushal Mehta –Director

( B.E. Mechatronics, M.S. Fire Protection Engineering – U.S.A. ) has done specialized study in Fire Protection Engineering has plans to implement most advance technologies and project the organization as Pioneers in providing latest technology to the country. (Specialized study in : Advanced Suppression systems, Fire detection and smoke management systems which is advance concept to BMS.)

Ms. Varija Mehta – Director

has vast experience of working in personnel and industrial relation department at IIMA which will facilitate the organization with enhanced management practices.

Ours is strong and experienced team of experts, analysts, engineers, creators, and mangers. They have all the technical abilities to innovate for a value driven approach for all our clients and partners across the globe. The products provided by us are one of the most advanced gadgets ideal for detecting smoke and fire and create a safe industrial or commercial environment and certainly are quality checked for their performances.

The very fact that human resources are the most important resources of an organization. After all the people are the source and inspiration for discoveries.

We are committed to include the best and brightest individuals in our core team who have the qualities of integrity, professionalism & knowledge embedded in them.

Employees are promoted to greater responsibility on the basis of their demonstrated ability.

Following are the salient features of our culture.

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Learning is an integral part of life at MEHTA & there are many ways in which you can develop your skills, both professional & personal.

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